Considering that the furniture you buy forms the backbone of the interiors of your business, would not you want it to be well built, durable and stylish at the same time? Contrary to popular beliefs, custom made fiberglass furniture are quickly becoming the preferred choice among business owners in numerous parts of the world. Historically speaking, fiberglass is much older than the optical fiber. It was patented way back in the 1930s, but only recently came about revolutionizing the glass and furniture industry recently.


All fiberglass furniture are well built thanks to a five step rigorous process:

Refining at 1500 C:
Once the composition is heated; it turns into viscous liquid (at 800 C) and finally starts to seal. At 1500 C, the structure is uniform, and the bubbles and impurities disappear.

Stretch Spinning:
The molten glass is transformed into a filament by being stretched at a high speed; this process is akin to the classical textile spinning process that produces thread.

Sizing: Stretching and winding do not exert a sufficient effect to permanently collect hundreds of filaments into a single thread (the glass is too smooth to agglomerate). To tackle this problem, sizing is done to add a protective coating in order to allow the agglomeration of filaments and facilitate the integration of polymers.

The wires are then wound or cut according to the desired shape.

Oven Drying:
The final form of the furniture is finally dried at temperatures of 600 to 700°C.


Fiberglass furniture is reasonable better when contrasted with wood or metal. Exotic tables and chairs can be made with fiberglass with minimal effort. On the off chance that you have a tight budget plan, then fiberglass is all the more suitable for your needs. Here are some major benefits:

Very lightweight. You can move around the furniture with no assistance to any place you desire without much bother.

Generally, fiberglass furniture are unbreakable. They do not break when they are dropped or struck minor blows. However, in case of major blows these furniture may break.

Fiberglass furnitures do not need any extraordinary maintenance. Let us not forget, custom made furniture made of wood has to endure breaks and cuts because of compelling climatic conditions and may likewise require some after sales support like finishing and so forth.

Fiberglass furniture are very vibrant and can change the appearance and the decor of the room for the better.

Usage of fiberglass decreases environmental pollution - cutting of trees leads to deforestation and increased carbon dioxide levels in the air. This goes far in securing our timberlands. Wooden furniture then again includes wood to be cut for making furniture which prompts biological issues.

Fiberglass furniture is resistant to water, when specialized coatings are used. Also, when left unattended in downpour, it does not get rusted.

It is safe by and large due to the fact that these kind of furniture do not have any sharp corners and are light in weight. Along these lines, they form environment for kids around.


While fiberglass furniture are quality pieces that may have a long life span when they are well maintained, just about any cleaner/cleaning process would not qualify as ideal. To achieve the best results and contribute to a clean and stain-free environment, here are some optimal cleaning tips:

Always use a sponge soaked with dishwashing liquid - apply it on the surface of fiberglass smoothly before rinsing with water.

Form a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water. Rub this mixture gently on the surface using some cloth or a nylon brush.

To get rid of stains like oil or paint on your fiberglass furniture, a cloth moistened with acetone or paint thinner will work wonders. Just apply it gently over the stain until you see it disappear.

Remember to use non abrasive cleaning products - wire brushes can end up scratching the surface.

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